About Goalmigo

Goalmigo is a social website that motivates people to reach their goals. The website offers a complete online system for setting, tracking, sharing, and achieving goals. Goalmigo is the flagship product of Curiosity Media, a web design and development firm based in Atlanta, GA.

The story behind Goalmigo

In 2006, Christopher Cummings signed up to run his first marathon, a lofty goal and a brutal test of motivation and persistence. During the months of training, the single biggest boost in motivation came from sharing the goal of completing the marathon with friends. Almost daily someone checked in to see how the training was progressing. As the big day neared, the marathon website offered the option of emailing friends and family his time at various points of the race. Knowing that friends and family were watching and supporting him on the day of the race was a major source of inspiration and motivation to just keep running. It was on that day that it became clear that a tool to help share your goals with friends who could hold you accountable would be enormously helpful for people with all types of goals. Thus the idea for Goalmigo was born. To learn more about how Goalmigo has grown and changed over time and to stay up-to-date with new developments, head on over to the Goalmigo blog.

The people behind Goalmigo

Christopher Cummings, Founder

After completing his first marathon in April 2007, Christopher turned his sights on helping others achieve their goals by using Goalmigo. A management consultant by training, Christopher will be enrolling in Harvard Law School this fall. Christopher is also the founder of Curiosity Media, a web development company, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Emory University.

David Cummings, Advisor

A business and technology enthusiast, David Cummings founded Hannon Hill Corporation in 2001 with the goal to provide powerful XML web content management solutions and an emphasis on personalized customer service. David generously advises his brother Christopher on any and all web development issues. David holds a bachelor of science degree in economics from Duke University and did course work at the London School of Economics.

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