What is Goalmigo?

Goalmigo is a website that helps you achieve your goals. The name Goalmigo is a combination of "goal" and "migo", "migo" taken from the Spanish word amigo meaning friend. Goalmigo encourages users to share their goals and progress with their friends.

Do I have to register to view the site?

No, you don't have to register to browse Goalmigo, but you do have to register to track your goals.

My profile

How do I change my email preferences?

While logged-in, click on the My Account link on the top of any page. Then click the Edit your profile link below your profile name. At the bottom of the registration form find the box for Unsubscribe from all emails. Check or un-check this box to reflect your preferences.

How do I change my profile picture?

While logged-in, click on the My Account link on the top of any page. Then click the Edit your profile link below your profile name. Within the registration form, find the box for Change avatar and then choose a different image or photo.

Setting Goals

How can Goalmigo help me achieve my goals?

Goalmigo gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals. We recommend the following steps to use Goalmigo to its fullest:

  1. Clearly define your goal, that way you'll know when you've made it.
  2. Describe why you are pursuing this goal and how you will achieve it.
  3. Commit to your goal by letting friends and family know.
  4. Use Goalmigo groups to get support from users with similar goals.
  5. Track your progress and update your supporters regularly.
  6. How many goals can I have simultaneously?

    You can set and track as many goals as you want.

    How do I make my goal private?

    When creating your goal, check the last box on the form, Keep Private, to make the goal private. If your goal has already been created, click on the goal, click Edit goal under the goal's name and then check the Keep Private box on the bottom of the form. Now click the Update Goal button and your goal will be private.

    Using Groups

    How do I create a group?

    On the group main page there is a link to create a group. On the create a group page, fill out the Group Name and Description fields. You may make your group public, closed or private. A private group is not visible to non-members and users may only join by invitation. A closed group is visible but members must request to join and the group creator must grant permission. Anyone can join a public group and the creator is not notified. You may also upload an image or photo that will appear next to your group name.

    How do I join a group?

    • To join a closed group, click on the group name and then the Request to Join link under the group name. The group creator will receive an email with your request and will choose whether to allow you to join. Should they allow your membership, you will appear as a member of the group.
    • A public group is easy to join, just click the join link under the group name and you will immediately become a member.
    • Private groups are not visible to non-members. Should you be invited to a private group, you will receive an invitation in your Goalmigo account inbox.

    How do I change the image for my group?

    Only the creator of the group can change the group image. To do so, click on the name of your group from the list of groups and then click on the Edit Group link under the group's name. This will bring up the same screen as when you created the group and you may select another image or photo for your group.